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"I just set up my HD Radio tuner, and it sounds fantastic. Thanks!"
  -- Perin Meyer, Meyer Sound
"It is the first solid state unit I've found that outperforms my MR-71 in sound quality, and" the ability to pick up FM and AM stations is excellent -- even in a difficult reception area."
  -- Tony Cordesman, The Absolute Sound
"This DaySequerra M2 rocks! It does absolutely everything we need it to do. It's accurate" stable and dependable."
  -- George Bisso, Sandusky Radio & KWJZ
"In terms of audio quality, you guys win hands down."
  -- Jim Henry, CE, CBS Radio, Maitland, FL
"When I want to be certain of my station's on-air audio quality, I depend on our DaySequerra M4 Tuner. It is totally transparent and gives me the precise reference I need to hear exactly how we sound"
  -- Mike Pappas, KUVO Denver
“I’m very happy with this unit [DaySequerra M2.1, now upgraded to M2.2R]. It has useful tools, not a lot of useless features. Love using Split Mode for time and level alignment. Other units with numerical values often get it wrong. My DS lets me get it right every time.”
  -- Richard (RJ) Perkins, WERS, Emerson College, Boston
"It is a warm comfy feeling to know that DaySequerra will continue to be that irreverent purveyor of audio excellence in the digital age."
  -- Ed Bukont, Comm-Struction and Services LLC
"Our three M2 units have returned from their trip to [upgrade to your M2.2R model]. They all raved about their makeovers. Thanks so very much for the prompt action."
  -- Chuck Lakaytis, Alaska Public Broadcasting
“I love my DS M4 units. They are really nice radios, for a lot of different reasons.”
  -- Girard Westerberg, Clear Channel / Lexington
“If I haven’t said it let me say it now: it is an awesome monitor. It is part of our Corp Engineering test cache.”
  -- Tom Atkins, Backyard Broadcasting
“Love your M2.”
  -- George Fowler, WFYI-FM/TV, Indianapolis
"MultiMerge handles anything we throw at it - mono, stereo and discrete 5.1 audio mixes. The output is always great sounding surround sound audio with a solid center channel."
  -- Ron Adair, Director of Television Engineering for Journal Broadcast Group
"Each year we like to augment our program, or add a new wrinkle to the broadcast. For our 2007 version, we added 5.1 surround sound from San Francisco and Denver with the encouragement and assistance of Neural Audio. I was able to listen to both events, and the sound was just fantastic."
  -- Becca Pulliam, Senior Producer of Toast of the Nation
"The Neural-THX surround technology helps us provide our growing international audience a better, more immersive experience. With an event of this magnitude (Superbowl), it was important for the NFL to implement a technology that could deliver a seamless surround sound solution to our international broadcast partners while providing 100 percent compatibility with all consumer systems worldwide."
  -- Jeff Howard, Senior Executive for Engineering and Broadcast Technologies at NFL Network
"Neural Audio have provided a straightforward, easy-to-integrate solution for a pressing problem that television engineers have struggled with for a long time. Our goal is a consistent high-quality listening experience for our television audience without annoying sound level changes and the advanced audio solution from Neural helps us provide just that"
  -- Reed Wilson, Executive Director of Technology for Belo
"I am particularly pleased with the stereo downmix as compared to the original stereo mix. With minimal adjustments, the accuracy of the surround sound recording was faithfully reproduced."
  -- Alex Kosiorek, Audio Recording Engineer for Corbett Studio
"We are definitely sold on Neural-THX Surround. We think that our listeners will also be sold by the exceptional surround sound experience that the technology will bring to their homes and offices."
  -- Jim Paluzzi, VP of New Media and Technology, Colorado Public Radio, Denver
"We have been waiting for a technology to come along which would allow us to broadcast our 5.1 library in today 's digital broadcast marketplace, Neural 's ability to deliver the artistic intent of our albums is outstanding."
  -- John Trickett, Chairman and CEO of 5.1 Entertainment Group
"The DownMix and MultiMerge enables us to pass Network 5.1 through our plant on our existing two channel infrastructure. This product essentially buys us time before we make the jump to a fully embedded audio plant."
  -- Pat Otis, Chief Engineer, KIRO TV
"Neural-THX Surround has significantly helped bring SPEED into the HD and 5.1 world with tremendous ease and simplicity."
  -- Bruce Shapiro, Coordinating Technical Producer for SPEEDtv
"Compatibility testing showed Neural Audio's surround sound technology was well suited for iBiquity's HD Radio system. We are excited that there are multiple solutions for use with HD Radio technology, and once again encourage our broadcast and consumer electronics partners to realize how powerful surround sound technology can be for FM radio"
  -- Mike Lyons, Vice President for iBiquity Digital Corporation
"We were very pleased with the performance of the Neural surround technology, as it met or exceeded all of our criteria."
  -- Don Danko, Vice President of Engineering for WGUC
"All these manufacturers, Onkyo, Denon, Yamaha and Pioneer, made the decision. They did extensive listening tests with Neural and chose it. XM tested Neural for more than two years.They understand audio and compression. It was a natural."
  -- Tony Masiello, XM 's SVP of operations
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