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Series 2 M4 TimeLock
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Series 2 M4 TimeLockTM Broadcast Receiver  

Click here for Remote Webserver update instructions

Want to use your Orban, Omnia or Wheatstone processor to correct your diversity delay?  Buying a new GatesAir or Nautel exciter? 
Our M4 TimeLock can stream correction vectors directly to these TimeLock enabled devices.

Background. iBiquity’s HD Radio™ system employs a process known as blending with time-diversity to ensure fast tuning and graceful degradation of the received digital audio back to analog when the HD Radio signal is lost. Diversity delay is the amount of program audio delay that is required to be inserted into the analog program stream called Main Program Service (MPS) in HD Radio parlance in order to match the inherent latency of the HD Radio™ HD-1 program - typically about 8 seconds. 

Proper diversity delay synchronization and level alignment between the legacy analog audio program and the HD Radio HD-1 stream are critical to the listener’s experience and ultimately the successful implementation of any HD Radio installation. In order to avoid annoying artifacts during blends, the audio alignment between analog and digital should be kept within 1ms or about 50 audio samples.  

The challenge is to detect slight misalignments before they become noticeable to listeners.

Introducing the M4 TimeLock. DaySequerra's M4, the most powerful analog AM/FM and HD Radio® AM/FM tuner available today, can now monitor your HD Radio Diversity Delay 24/7 with its proprietary TimeLock algorithm.

The M4 receives the off-air broadcast, measures the timing difference between the MPS and HD-1 streams. Out-of-tolerance conditions can be reported via email and via its built-in webserver using any browser on your network. The M4 can be flash-updated using its Ethernet port and has 6 additional rear panel alarm tallies.

M4 TimeLock Key Features

  • Proprietary TimeLock™ Algorithm – Measures HD Radio Diversity Delay time alignment of the HD Radio MPS and HD-1 audio streams with accuracy to one audio sample, includes TimeLock rear panel alarm tally and email alert.
  • Streams Correction Vectors – Can correct diversity delay issues by streaming correction vectors over ethernet to your Orban 8600 HD, Omnia 7, Omnia 9 and Omnia 11, and any Wheatstone AirAura (with the latest firmware), as well as GatesAir HDE200 exporter.
  • Robust 24/7 performance –stays locked to AM-FM analog, HD-1 or selected multicast stream during power or I2E interruptions; does not automatically revert to analog!
  • Analog AM-FM plus HD Radio – Complete monitoring of HD Radio AM/FM broadcasts including FM multicast channels HD-2 through HD-8: user-selectable tuning steps and analog FM 50/75 µSec de-emphasis.
  • Bright graphic LCD provides front panel display of all RBDS and HD Radio PAD/SIS, along with network and alarm conditions; audio level, digital audio quality and carrier quality indications.
  • Artist Experience – monitor your broadcast's album art, station logo and advertiser branding.

  • Email Alerts – Get an email alert direct from your M4 TimeLock for loss of TimeLock, Program Audio, Carrier, or OFDM HD Radio Lock; 6 rear panel alarm tallies.
  • Built-in Webserver Remote Webserver for remote control and logging using any browser on your Ethernet network; 15 presets per band; Artist Experience displays album art, station logo, and advertiser branding; remote Flash upgrades; password protected access. 
  • Powerful Audio Outputs – XLR balanced analog outputs +4 dBm @ 100% modulation; high-performance headphone monitor delivering greater than 1W into 8-ohm.
  • Front Panel Lockout – Prevents unauthorized settings changes.

  • All tuners are RDS/RBDS capable.

M4.2Si TL Block Diagram

Call +856-719-9900 and schedule your free M4 TimeLock demo!

Trade-up Any M4, M4.2R, M4.2S, or M4.2Si to M4 TimeLock

The DaySequerra Trade-up Program lets you trade-up any DaySequerra M4 to add the latest features and benefits of the M4 TimeLock. Includes new 3-year Warranty effective from trade-up date. Call your Favorite Dealer or email sales@daysequerra.com for your details.

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