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M4FM-HD Analog and FM-HD Radio Modulation Monitor                              

Click here for Remote Webserver update instructions

Introducing the M4FM-HD.
 DaySequerra's M4FM-HD is the most powerful analog FM and FM HD Radio® modulation monitor available today.

Using a state-of-the-art Texas Instruments® DSP, all of M4FM-HD processing takes place in the digital domain providing precise, stable measurements. Out-of-tolerance conditions can be reported via email and 5 user-defined rear panel alarm tallies.

Your M4FM-HD ships complete with a full 3-year warranty.

Doing a new install and need an FM analog modulation monitor?

Check out our M4FM - it has all the features you need in cost-effective, robust 1RU package. 

Have an older DaySequerra M4? Upgrade any DaySequerra M4 to add the latest features and benefits of the M4FM-HD. Click here for more info. 

Call your Favorite Dealer or email sales@daysequerra.com  to upgrade your M4 today! 

M4FM-HD Key Features

  • Analog FM plus HD RadioTM – Complete monitoring of HD Radio FM broadcasts including FM multicast channels HD-2 through HD-8: user-selectable tuning steps and analog FM 50/75 µSec de-emphasis.

  • Robust 24/7 performance – stays locked to FM analog, HD-1 or selected multicast stream during power or I2E interruptions; does not automatically revert to analog!

  • Built-in RF Attenuator – 30 dB for wide RF input range of <0.5 vRMS to 7 vRMS.

  • Time-Alignment – Monitor your HD Radio HD-1/MPS diversity delay using the built-in Split-Mode feature.

  • Bright graphic LCD – provides front panel display of DSPrecision demodulated audio, carrier, pilot, composite and SCA level measurements with better than 1.0% accuracy; RBDS and HD Radio PAD/SIS, along with network and alarm conditions, audio level, digital audio quality and carrier quality indications.

  • High-performance Audio Outputs – XLR balanced analog outputs +4 dBm @ 100% modulation; front panel headphone monitor delivering greater than 1W into 8-ohm. Full-time AES3 digital audio output is available, even when tuned to non-HD signals.

  • Powerful Alarm Monitor – Simultaneously monitor for loss of MPS and HD-1 Program Audio as well as loss of: 
    • Artist Experience artwork
    • PSD and SIS data
    • RBDS PS and RT fields
    • Carrier
    • OFDM HD Radio Lock
         Each alarm condition has dedicated user-configured parameters. 
  • Email Alerts and Rear Panel Alarm Tallies – Get an email alert direct from your M4FM-HD; 5 user-configured rear panel alarm tallies.

  • Reset-reboot – via front panel RESET switch and rear panel GPI.

  • Front Panel Lockout – Prevents unauthorized settings changes.

  • Composite BNC output – for external subcarrier (SCA) decoding and translator applications.

  • All tuners are RDS/RBDS capable.

M4FM-HD Powerful Remote Webserver

  • Built-in Webserver – Remote control and monitoring using any browser on your Ethernet network; 15 presets per AM-FM band

  • DSPreciseTM Analog Modulation Measurements Simultaneous demodulated audio, carrier, pilot, composite and SCA level measurements.

  • Alarm Monitor – Simultaneously monitor for loss of MPS and HD-1 program audio, Artist Experience artwork, PSD and SIS data, RBDS PS and RT fields, Carrier and OFDM HD Radio Lock.

  • Artist Experience - monitor your broadcasts’ album art, station logo and advertisers’ branding.

  • Remote Flash upgrades – using its rear panel Ethernet port; tolerant of high-latency networks.

  • Password protected access.
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